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Oct 09, 2014 | webmaster | 9276 views
Submitting Scores for 2014-2015
The Grand River Local League is taking advantage of TheOneDB to power our league schedules & standings for 2014-2015.  This league will play over 2,000 games by the end of the season and TheOneDB is the easiest way to manage our schedules.  But it's not just for managing the schedules, it's also the easiest way to manage scores.

If you are unsure about how scores are posted for our league, please read on.

All scores should be posted within 24 hours of the game being played. Since it is possible to post a score from a mobile device, it is recommended to post the score from the arena immediately following the game.

If your team is from Ayr, Beverly, Embro, Hespeler, New Hamburg, Paris, St. George, Tavistock,Twin Centre, Woolwich:

Your own association's website is using MBSportsWeb and therefore is "linked" to TheOneDB.  Your coach or manager should already have been provided with a login to your association / team website as a "Team Webmaster".  That person can simply login and go to their Control Panel to post scores for their own team's games, and can even post those scores using their mobile device.  Scores posted are immediately updated on that team's association website, the Grand River LL website, and even the opponent's association website if they are one of those listed above.

If you have not yet received a login to your own association's website, please contact your association's website administrator.

If your team is from Plattsville:

The centre contact or scheduler from your association will be able to use their login for TheOneDB to create a "Score Reporter" account (usually a coach or manager) for each of their teams.  When that account is created, that person should automatically get an email notification with their password.  For those teams to post a score, they will visit, login, and go to the Scores area.  After selecting their team they'll be able to select a game (as long as the score hasn't already been posted) and submit it there.  Once submitted, the Grand River LL website, and the opponent's website if linked, are immediately updated.  This can be done on a mobile phone, tablet, or traditional desktop browser.

If you have not yet received a login to TheOneDB, please contact your association's scheduler or league contact.

The league website has a list of all unreported scores available here: 2014-2015 Unreported Games. If you see your team on that list please have the coach or manager from your team follow the instructions above to get those scores posted.

If you notice that a score has been posted incorrectly please don't try to contact the league.  The league will still receive a copy of the game sheet, and once received the league will verify each score to ensure it is correct.  Any errors will be found and fixed in the appropriate amount of time.